What is VPN and how to use it ?

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Introduction of VPN

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. Before knowing this, we have to know what is the reason that we need it. After this we will know what VPN is and how to use it.

Today we all have smartphones and with this we all have access to the internet. We all remain active on the internet in some way whether watching a video on YouTube or downloading a movie or on a website.  Doing some search.

Often we have to sign in on these platforms for this kind of activity, where we have to give our personal details. If you are giving your details online then it can be quite risky.

There are many types of cyber criminals, hackers, snoopers online who can steal your information and blackmail you. You will often hear about the incidents of data breach.

If there is so much risk on the online platform, then how can we protect ourselves? Here comes the VPN which provides you security over the internet.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a kind of encrypted connection with the help of which you can make a secure connection with any other network over the Internet. That is, you can hide your presence.

With the help of VPN, you can keep your identity private, that is, no one will know who you are and from which location you are accessing anything. Before knowing how VPN hides your identity, we  You will know how your identity and location are revealed on the Internet.


Whenever you search any website or any content on the internet, you can connect with it with the help of your internet service provider.  Your ISP assigns you a unique IP address and whenever you access a site, you get identified because of that IP address and your location is known.

But as soon as you connect VPN with your internet, it makes a secure connection for you and now if you access any site, then that site cannot identify you.

This happens because your VPN server keeps changing your IP address continuously and also changing your location. This makes it difficult to identify you.

VPN – Its full name is Virtual Private Network.  It is a private network that is based on a public network such as the Internet but is secure.  In it, the traveling data is encrypted.  It is made safe by using tunneling protocols and security procedures.

  Tunneling or port forwarding encrypts the data when it is sent and decrypts when it needs to be received.  Using this we can keep our browsing on the Internet safe and can also do work from home / anywhere.

The classification of VPN is as follows –

Remote Access VPN –

See in the picture, this is the internal network of a company based on the Internet, regional offices are connected to the company’s main office and all share information and resources among themselves. 
Suppose an employee is out of his office but has to use the resources of his office, then how will he do it?  For this, every employee is given a username and password.  Once verified by the VPN gateway, that employee can use the office’s resources.  IP Security (IPsec) or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used to make the network secure.


Nord facilitates VPN to home users; 

Software like Norton and Tunnel Bear do.  These software create an encrypted connection between the client and the server in which the data travels.  Internet browsing through this is safe.


Picture Source – ElProCus –

Electronic Projects for Engineering Students – ElProCus is an educational website on electronic projects for ECE and EEE students.

Site to Site VPN –

A Gateway to Site to Site VPN works by connecting device networks and creating a secure private network.  In this, every device does not have to be a VPN client like a remote access VPN.  By using it all the office and remote employees of a company can use the resources.

There are two types of site to site VPNs

Intranet-based –

This device allows a company’s remote employees to connect to its internal network.  For this, you can create an intranet VPN to connect each separate LAN (local area network) to a WAN (wide area network).

Based on extranet –

It has a private network of two companies which is built using extranet.  Through this, secure communication between the two companies can be done, on the other hand, the internal network of the two companies keeps on working without affecting each other.

Friends, we must have noticed one thing that when we open a website, then there is a website which is not normally open.  Because that website is blocked by the government.

On opening such a blocked website, we get a notice that this website has been blocked by the Government of India.  And the reason for being blocked a bit is also written.  We see this type of situation only when we open a copyrighted website.


For example, if we want to download a movie or web series, then such website is blocked by the internet service provider due to copyright.  So what can we do in this case so that it can open a blocked website.

So we can open these sub-blocked websites easily through vpn.  Vpn flower form is virtual private netwark.  This means that it is your personal network.  Through which you can keep your identity secret too.

We are active on the Internet at some time or the other for some reason whether we are watching a video on YouTube or downloading a movie or music or searching a website.

To use all these applications, you have to sign in and share your personal details. Putting your details on the online platform can be risky.

You will keep hearing the news of data breach on the day where hackers or cyber criminals carry out such incidents. Your details are also not protected by such people.

Hackers and snoopers always keep an eye on how to steal your data and blackmail you through it.

But now with time, there are many tools for security on the Internet as well and one of them is VPN

Another definition of VPN

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. This is a kind of encrypted connection over the Internet. A VPN allows you to make a secure connection with any other network over the Internet.

A Virtual Private Network is a very easy and effective way with which you can keep your internet traffic safe and keep your identity online private. That is, no one can know who you are and from which place the site  Accessing

Although VPN was initially created from a business point of view, where it was used to securely connect the business network on the Internet, over time its use has become widespread and in today’s time it is very popular.

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If you also want more privacy online then you can also use VPNs. With the help of this technique, you can not only protect your identity online but also protect yourself from the unethical activities happening online.  Can

Before knowing how VPN works, we will know how the internet connection works and how it will work if we use VPN in it.

When you search a website and access it, then you connect to that site with the help of internet service provider.

When you access that site, you identify that website because of your unique IP address.

This means that your ISP is handling and directing all your traffic and the address of what you are searching is known by your IP address. This means that all your activities can be seen.

But when you connect your internet with VPN, it creates a secure connection for you. Even though your traffic is still going through your ISP, but now it cannot find out about your final destination  Is

Now any website you visit cannot see your IP address. It only sees the IP address that is provided by your VPN server and that too changes continuously.

If you want to use VPN on your computer, first you need to choose a good VPN Service Provider and then download the VPN software according to your system.

After installing the software, you have to create your VPN account and login to it. Now you can use it whenever you want and hide your identity.

You will see the option of VPN over the browser from where you can turn on / off VPN whenever you want and also change your location continuously.

Similarly, if you want to use VPN on your smartphone, you can also do this. For this, you just have to download the VPN app from Playstore that you want to use.

After that you have to install that app and create your account and set your desired location and now you can use it and private your identity.

While working on the Internet, we often see that there are many websites which have been blocked by the government, you cannot open that website, but if you still want to open that website, then you use VPN  We can go to that site.

Now the question may have come in your mind that this VPN kya hai?  So do not think much, I know what is VPN in this post, how to use VPN?

How to use VPN, what are the benefits of VPN, I am going to give you information in detail about all these.  Read this post to know about VPN.

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What is VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) is a network that secures private network and wifi.  Which prevents our personal data from being stolen from hacker.  In this, the network company gives you an ip address and password so that you can use this network from anywhere in the world.

All data from VPN remains secure and safe whether it is being imported or not.  You can use VPN from both computer and mobile, so that your data is safe, with VPN you can transfer your data without being hacked and your data is also safe.

Let me tell you that your data from VPN is not only safe, but you can also use it to visit or visit websites which have been blocked by the government.

Most of the big companies use VPN network or big websites use it so that they can secure their data and no hacker can hack and steal that data.

How does VPN work?

Whenever we access any site using VPN, it hides our IP address, so that your personal data is not only secure, but you can also access that website.

Which your country has blocked such as facebook is banned in China so that whenever you access facebook on internet, your network is connected to the local network and the local network has banned facebook then at that time  But in China you cannot open facebook .

When you connect your mobile or computer to VPN then it gets connected to a special private network which makes your personal data secure and device is connected to VPN.  You block website i.e. as I have given you the example of China, you can also share your details by accessing facebook in China, even if you are connected to VPN.

This will hide your history (but again, you cannot be completely anonymous, depending on many other reasons, such as their terms and conditions).

A VPN masks your real IP address.  That is, it puts a mask in front of your IP address (you can say it in easy language). It can be identified.

VPN  is legal in many countries and it has been declared illegal by many countries.  That is, there is a VPN Ban.  Like we have PUBG and Tik Tok Ban here.

30 countries have banned VPNs.  Which includes countries like China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Turkey.  You must have already known that China will be on this list.

VPN also prevents hackers  to a great extent.

The full form of VPN is Virual Private Network.  You would know this.

With VPN you can access Blocked Website.  Just like Tik Tok’s website is not opening, just use a VPN and then have fun.  Well try not to do that in truth.

How to use of VPN

Pay attention to the Android user.

VPN’s free apps will be available in thousands on Playstore.  Downlaod which has a good rating and just click on the contact button, take the use of VPN.

This is how Windows users can use VPNs.

You have to do the same thing just free VPN for Windows is very difficult, which is a good Windows VPN, its full list will be found on the Trendsduniya website.  You can see it by clicking the link below.

7 Best Free VPN for Windows

Unrealistic Private Network (VPN) extends a private network into a public network, and enables users to send and receive data over a shared or public network as if their computing devices are directly connected to a private network.  Therefore applications running in a VPN can benefit from the functionality, security, and management of private networks.


VPN technology was developed to allow remote users and branch offices to safely access corporate applications and other resources.
  To ensure security, data will travel through secure tunnels and VPN users will use authentication methods to gain access to the VPN – including passwords, tokens, and other unique identification methods. 

In addition, Internet users can secure their transactions with a VPN to connect to a proxy server to prevent geographical restrictions and censorship, or to protect personal identity and location to remain anonymous on the Internet. 

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