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10 Facts You Must Know About Mechanical Engineering before admission .


There is a branch in Mechanical Engineering, which is named – Robotics, in the coming time, there will be a great need for an engineer studying it. In 10 or 15 years, a lot of automotive will be needed because no one wants to work hard with their body. MNC companies such as Google and Tesla are also working on automotive ever. Google self driving cars are an example of this.

If the Saudi Arabian government has given citizenship to Sophia, a robotic person, then you can guess from this what will be needed in the coming time.

In the future, the war will not be between soldiers but between two countries’ robotic humans.

That is why one cannot deny the subject of robotics and automotive.

It depends on you which area you are most interested in. You must have studied science, which area did you like more, look at it accordingly.

Electrical engineering is perfect if you enjoy solving electric circuits.

If you are interested in machines then mechanical will be right.

If you are interested in logic and creativeness, programming then computer science and engineering would be perfect.

Accordingly, see which area you are interested in, choose your branch accordingly.

Along with all this, there should be interest in Maths.

If you are not interested in science at all, then there is no use to do engineering because I have seen many people leave the engineering field.

Do the course in which you are interested, it is not necessary to do engineering only. If you work on your interest, then you like it and you are willing to learn about that subject and you give good results in that subject whether it is studies or jobs. You are always promoted. And after a time you become the master of that subject. On the contrary, if you choose a subject in which you are not interested, then after a while you will dare, but after some time you will get bored and you will start thinking about mental stress and quitting that work and even after a few days. Whether you leave or not, depression will not leave you in both cases. So always work for your interest only then you can think about a good job in which your interest and promotion will also be good.

Mechanical engineering is a qualification that opens many other doors for you, such as

1) a job

2) Opportunity to study further related to engineering (maybe you are thinking of doing something like this)

I think you have some options about which you want some better information?

You have also wanted to know about PG Diploma. See, it will depend on many things, such as

1) your own interest

2) Your Family Conditions

3) Opportunities in India or other countries

4) How has your study been (past performance)

According to me, you should sit comfortably and think for a day and in today’s age, take the right decision for yourself, keeping all the things in mind. Once a decision is made, there is no turning back. Hard work is the key to success in a way. The rest of the above will decide for you as well.

If you have done BTECH MECHANICAL ENGINEERING then why do you want to do diploma? That too on POST GRADUATE LEVEL? If you want to study further, then it would be better to pass the GATE exam by MTech from a good IIT. Do it

Do not do mechanical engineering, do better electrical or electronics or computer science than this, scope and opportunities are more

both are goog but you may choose electrical engineering cause it has wider scope then mechanical

There is no standard of which branch of engineering is the best. It depends on which branch you look at your career. Before I write anything, let me first learn about the various branches.

There are three main branches in engineering called core branches. These three branches are mechanical, electrical and civil. Apart from this, other branches are electronics, computer science, chemical and textile etc.

Mechanical Engineering – This is called mechanical engineering in Hindi. Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that involves the movement of various mechanical objects and studies the design, analysis and production of various mechanical systems using the laws of physics.

If you are interested in physics then mechanical engineering is definitely for you. It has very good career prospects. Companies in almost every sector today require mechanical engineers. The use of mechanical engineering is not hidden, whether it is on various road carts, power generation in power plants, steel production or railways. Due to better job prospects in every field, it is called the evergreen branch of engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering – This is called Electrical Engineering in Hindi. Electrical engineering is the branch of engineering that studies the production, transmission, distribution and rational use of electrical energy, as well as various electrical machines.

Like mechanical engineering, there is a lot of career prospects in electrical engineering as well. If you have a good grasp of the subject then you can definitely get a very good job. The importance of electricity in our daily lives is well known and that is why most companies today recruit large numbers of electrical engineers. Their demand is going to increase in future also.

Civil Engineering – This is called civil engineering in Hindi. Civil engineering is the branch of engineering that mainly studies various types of construction and surveys.

Civil engineering is also an evergreen branch of engineering with immense career prospects. There is a good demand for civil engineers in many departments at the national and state levels. Mathematics is very important in civil engineering, so your mathematics should be good.

Electronics Engineering – This is a new branch of engineering which is becoming quite prevalent nowadays. It is a branch in which the motion of an electron in a semiconductor, gas, or vacuum is studied. In simple language, modern mobiles, computers etc. come under this.

The importance of electronics engineering is not hidden from anyone. It has revolutionized the field of communication. This is why large IT companies today recruit electronics engineers.

Computer Science Engineering – This is also a new branch and as the name itself suggests, it is related to computers. After taking a degree in computer science, big IT companies recruit young people on a package of millions. This is the reason that computer science is the first choice of students studying in IIT today.

Now you know about the main branches of engineering. According to the question, which branch of engineering is the best? It depends on everyone’s choice. If you ask my opinion, I will say that no engineering branch is bad. All branches have their own importance. It depends on you how well you read your subject. Choose whichever branch you are interested in. With this you will be able to do well in your career. Never choose a branch under the pressure of parents or society or seeing the trend. What is good for others is not necessarily good for you.

If you want to choose a branch from the point of view of government job, then you can choose one of mechanical, electrical or civil. After studying in these branches, you will get a government job easily whether it is PSU or various government departments. If you want to pursue a career in the private sector and want to get a very high salary job, then you can choose Electronics or Computer Science. Government sector opportunities in electronics and computer science are less than in core branches.

There are many branches of engineering now.

Computer science
Civil Engineering
Electronics & Communication
Maths and computing
Industry and production
There are other branches which are not well known. Not all of the above branches are available in every institution. Even all the IITs do not have all the branches.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand of the software company, it is said that the demand for computer science, maths and computing, IT is high or the children have good placements. One can get opportunities to work in companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft.

Thank you.

These are all things I’ve seen my batchmates and seniors do over the years.

Get placed in a great core company .. Work hard to slowly rise through the ranks.

Not kept in a very good core company. Work hard to get a job in the above mentioned companies.

Hired in an IT company.

Forget that you were ever a mechanical engineer and embraced the computer world.

Give it Land in one of the public undertakings.

Give it Pursue an MTech (preferably more prestigious than your BTech in a college).

Decide that you need en four education. Give GRE and get admission in US University.

Decide whether you want to pursue a career in academics / research / teaching. Give a GRE, receive a scholarship and enter a five (or more) year integrated MS and PhD program at a prestigious college in the US.

Sit for Kat. Remember, this is a cyclical process. Keep doing this until you find the college of your choice or dispose of what you are getting.

Forget everything you learned in college and do something different, start it, or become a writer / photographer / musician….

Find a job in any of the companies listed 1 to 3. Be disappointed when there is no end. Decide that enough is enough. After one or two years, do any of the digits 4 through 9.

And before you do any of these, one has to do.

Compare the mechanical and computer science packages and curse all your friends / relatives / any random person who said that mechanical is an evergreen branch and urged you to take it.

Think of starting your own business if you are from the business class. Never get in the grip of setting up the industry. Go to the service sector. Griles, gates, shutters, railings, tractor trolleys etc. Then try to enter a government job or a good company somewhere. Stay.

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