कंस्ट्रक्शन कंपनी कैसे स्टार्ट करें? How to start small Construction Firm?

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in my last blog i told you how i took decision to start construction firm . in this article i will tell you step by step guide to start up of construction firm .

the step are as per below list

  1. Qualification : There is educational qualification to start firm but you have to be educated to learn understanding of technical terms . there are some scheme in which qualification is beneficial to your start up . for exp. if you have done engineering in civil then you will be benefited by government scheme i will explain in my next blog what are these scheme .
  2. Registration of firm :- you have to apply for registration of firm to do so you just apply for GST certificate .before applying to have to need following document as shown in picture below

    document for gst
    pls read this list of document carefully for gst

I have already written about this in my blog  pls visit to


2. Digital Signature certificate Registration :-  after coming into power modi government trying their best to every thing online or giving more importance to digital revolution. due to this effect we need digital signature certificate certificate for authentication while applying for registration in any government department  for tendering purpose .This

for detailed about digital certificate plz visit my blog

how to apply for digital signature certificate?

dsc apply

4. Registration for contractor licences: After applying for gst and dsc you have to apply for contractor licences for “c” class contractor you cant go for A and B because you are new and you don’t experiences to reach to that category. for registration process you have to deposit some amount it may be around 20 to 30 thousand . you apply for Civil category contractor. in this class you may be eligible for tendering upto 5Cr.

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How to get Contractor Licences for civil class ? सिविल ठेकेदारी का लेन्सेस कैसे बनवाये?


5. Registration of Procurement website :- After taking licences from government department you will have to registered your DSC from authorized agency to participate in E-tender       .what are these authorize agency i will explain you . these are third party agency on behalf of government department for e tendering process 

for example

for mp government department TCS is authorized for conducting e tender.

6. Registration for labor licences :  If you want to participate in tender for civil construction project you will have to obtain Labor licences from Labor department of particular district where your project is going to start  .

all above is basic document and registration process for a small scale construction firm  

Some more document are required for Tender depend on what type of tender you are going to apply for ? that i have explained in my blog plz visit to

How to participate in tender ? टेंडर प्रक्रिया में कैसे भाग ले ?

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